The CNVA is currently able to recycle a significant amount of the waste products that we generate, including cardboard and paper products, beverage containers, clear plastic, and fluorescent light tubes. However, we recognize that it is better to reduce our usage than to recycle after the fact. To that end, we are migrating towards the installation of LED light kits in our vending machines. These LED lights last for years (creating less waste) and use 50% less power than traditional bulbs.

Furthermore, CNVA partners are moving toward the implementation of route management and inventory management software.

Vending machines will be able to provide automatic remote status reports (or, in English, "we will be able to use the Internet to see which machines are running low before loading the trucks for the day"). With this information, our drivers will only stop at machines that need filling, and they'll take only the product that needs to be delivered. In short, we'll send out our trucks for less time each day, and carry less weight (and burn less gas) in the process - all while keeping the same high standards of service.